Monday, June 6, 2011

Kenapa Outdoor...??

Kenapa outdoor...?? Persoalan ini aku jawab dengan petikan dari Wikipedia... mungkin tafsiran aku tak sama dengan tafsiran orang lain... terpulanglah...

Outdoor recreation or outdoor activities are leisure pursuits engaged in outside, especially in (but not limited to) natural or semi-natural settings out of town. Outdoor recreation may also refer to a team sport game or practice held in an outdoor setting.

The two primary purposes for outdoor activities are beneficial use and pleasurable appreciation.

Beneficial use is related to the physical and social rewards which goal-directed activities instills in individuals or groups. Goal-directed outdoor activities are predominately physical, though they may also be mentally, emotionally, and spiritually rewarding. The outdoors as a physical or social setting may meet the needs of physical health, self-sufficiency, risk-taking, the building of social ties (including teambuilding), and the needs of achievement (such as practicing, enhancing and challenging skills, testing stamina and endurance, and seeking adventure or excitement). The outdoors can be an environment in which people "show what they can do".

Pleasurable appreciation encourages experiences of being "let in on natures show". Enhancement of inner perceptual and/or spiritual life may be experienced through outdoor activities and outdoor-related activities such as nature study, aesthetic contemplation, meditation, painting, photography, archeological or historical research, and indigenous culture among others. These activities may also be physically rewarding.

Many people in modern civilizations believe that the value of nature is found only in its "utilitarian value" (beneficial use). They would discount the inner perceptual and/or spiritual benefits of the "intrinsic value of nature" that may be experienced during pleasurable appreciation.

Outdoor activities may also be pursued for the purposes of finding peace in nature, enjoying life, and relaxing. They are alternatives to expensive forms of tourism. Outdoor activities are also frequently used as a medium in education and teambuilding.

Outdoor recreation activities have been defined as those activities that:

  • are undertaken outside the confines of buildings (ie, in the outdoors); and
  • do not involve organized competition or formal rules; and
  • can be undertaken without the existence of any built facility or infrastructure; and
  • may require large areas of land, water and/or air; and
  • may require outdoor areas of predominantly unmodified natural landscape